Challenge: fingers, prose poem, assonance

Assonance is the strategic repetition of vowel sounds in close proximity to each other and is frequently used to create internal rhyming.

A Chance of Rain in the Afternoon

Throughout the day, relaxed fingers of cloud waved from a brittle brightness of sky until, at 3:00, out of the sameness of the day before and before and before, a wind swirled up and through and long, and drought-weary leaves, no will to cling, fell to fleck the yellow lawn. As a false darkness stretched below a canopy of clouds, the insistent wind caused thunderheads to collide, littering the sky with rolling-train sounds, sending skinny, witch-fingers of lightening through the clouds. The showy commotion roused no rain: the crooked, yellow fingers fled the sky; the train of thunder passed on by; and our hopeless rain-hopes waned, along with the lightening, the wind, and the thunder din.


17 thoughts on “Challenge: fingers, prose poem, assonance

  1. Love your “relaxed fingers of cloud”, as if toying with the sky, waiting for change, reminds me of prairie summers, when it stormed afternoon and evening Always been a fan of the repeat yourself thing, so love Tuesdays, thanks Janet.

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  2. I love this for a number of reasons…you paint a fragrant image of a summer afternoon ready for rain. The poem builds and the thunderheads do and then passes on with only the hint of what was there at the start. Your words, carefully chosen and my favorite ” drought-weary leaves, no will to cling” and “the crooked, yellow fingers fled the sky” paint an image so easily.
    When you are feeling “deep”, this prose suits your writing style well…bravo!


    • I so appreciate you comments, Carrie, because I know the excellent poetry you write. I worked harder at this one than the ballad, but it was enjoyable work as each change I made helped my words match the scene I remember.


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