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PicofBookSeveral months after retiring from a career in public education, I managed to climb out of my recliner and take a memoir class. In it, I wrote stories drawn from my life and read them to my classmates, who always laughed in the right places and never looked dismayed.

Encouraged, I entered a local cowboy poetry contest, took first place against five competitors, blew my $20.00 prize money at Mather’s Bar, and haven’t quit writing since.

A Seasoned Life Lived in Small Towns: Musings, Memoirs, and Observations is a collection of unpublished material and human-interest columns written for the Denver Post and the Craig Daily Press. All are drawn from the seventy years I lived in Utah, Nevada, and Colorado.

In it, you’ll meet mostly good people with quirks: six siblings who matured in unpredictable patterns, Aunt Beulah of girth and grace, a ninth-grade student filled with forgiveness, and my husband, who leaves tools and clothes in full view—so he won’t forget he has them—but hides his potato chips.

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After I started reading, “A Seasoned Life Lived in Small Towns,” I couldn’t put it down. I read while supper cooked, while waiting for students to arrive, and while filling the livestock water tank. I even took the book with me when we helped my brother gather cows one day. I read the book in a short time — then I wanted more. 
Sheridan writes about her family, childhood, and teaching days. She has thoughts about retirement, her advancing years, pills, hearing aides—even spring cleaning. This is an absolutely delightful book!
Excerpted from a review by Diane Prather for the Craig Daily Press, Nov. 13, 2013

I absolutely loved this book! A Seasoned Life is more than the author’s reflections on her life lived in small towns. It is a gentle, funny, encouraging guidebook on aging. This is a book of life, love, and loss that will remain with you long after closing the cover for the last time.
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21 thoughts on “About my book

  1. Rob, thank you so much, though I wish you had ordered it from me so I could have inscribed it. Perhaps someday we’ll meet and I can do it then. It’s a quiet, gentle book, but I think you’ll like it.


  2. Your description in the previous comment is apt. It is “a quiet, gentle book” and I loved it. I finished reading it earlier in the week, and I will do a review eventually. You handle your words so beautifully, Janet, and I’m sure I will read about your seasoned life again.

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  3. I should be crafting … but I’ve sat here reading your blog, entranced. I love the sound of your book and from what others have said, I think you really should get working on another one.

    I shall be clicking to follow you as soon as I’ve finished tapping out this note for you. I feel I’ve been missing you in my life and I’m not prepared to miss you a moment longer. I’m following! lol

    Sending hugs to you in your corner, from me in mine. Thank you for being exactly who you are. ~ Cobs. x


    • This is one of the sweetest comments I’ve ever received, Cobs, and I appreciate your kind words. Thank you for following my blog; I’ll visit yours soon. I have the feeling that you are worthy of the same compliment you gave me: that you are, at all times and happily, exactly the person you are. I am thinking about another book, but probably like you and your crafts, I can’t decide what to give up in order to work on something new. With a return hug and an immense smile — Janet

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  4. Janet, I’ve just bought this – hope to receive it in about a week. I’m looking forward to reading it as I love your writing on your blog.
    I would have asked you for an autographed copy direct, but in the UK now we’re charged extra for post from overseas, first by customs and then by our mail service and at present I just can’t afford it.

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    • Would it work if I inscribed a bookplate or something similar and mailed it to you to put in your copy? I would love to do that for you. Please send me an email with your mailing address if you are interested. My email information is on my “Contact Me” page. I hope to hear from you.

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      • That would be lovely, Janet. I’ll do that a bit later. (Might be an idea before sending it, though, to wait til I receive the book, as our postal system leaves a lot to be desired!) Thanks.


  5. Hey AB (Janet). Very cool. I’m going to grab this and give it a read. I have a few side projects on the go other than the CB thing (I should hope so). Anyways your book is in the same vein as something I’m working on. I’ll drop you an Email. I like to keep CB out of the mix. Good for you on ‘Seasoned Life ..’ Looking forward to a little small town cooking.


    • You keep popping up and surprising me, Dean, and I’m always glad to hear from you. I think you’ll like my book and I hope you’ll find it helpful.I was surprised how much I enjoyed compiling, self-publishing it, and marketing it (with one or two glitches).

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      • I’m going to get Princess Falda (Daughter) to hook me up with your book on Amazon. Looking forward to the read. In the mean while I’ll peruse your takes. I see our buddy Neil took another walk.


  6. Well AB, I just finished your book last night. So much I liked about it. The “Hebe” story is classic small town humor and reminded me (the whole book did) so much of the small community I lived in. So much good stuff. You conjured up so many great images and triggered similar memories for me.
    I to had a truck load of wonderful Aunts growing up and more than one “Uncle Bud”. Your positive outlook and your love for your Mom and Dad came out loud and clear. They would be proud to know how you felt. It doesn’t get any better than that.
    Great work Beulah!! And heah, watch out for the tobacco juice on your hikes. Later CB
    (If you go over to my station you might see a mention on the “John Prine ” take)


    • Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you recognized much of what I wrote about and that your own memories were triggered; that is what I hope to do with my book. The Hebe story is classic small, rural town isn’t it? I recognized that when very young and clung to the story over the years until I found a way to use it.

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      • Great stuff Beulah! My grandparents would have barn dances back in the 30’s/40’s. They put a hardwood floor in the barn. Hire a band and my Granny would make sandwiches, tarts and coffee/tea. I think they charged a nickel or a dime for whole deal. The cool thing about back then, the people could all dance. Later Janet. CB
        (Your book is next on my Gals reading pile)

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