Thoughts on a Spring Morning

American Robin (Turdus Migratorius) resting on a large branch

So self assured
I thought

go about their
with intent and
like landed gentry

enter any environment
oblivious to the squabbling and
jostling of others

bathe at will and
oft-times in public

indulge in sex when and where
and with whomsoever

all with panache
and assumed acceptance

command universal love
even from
rough-haired youth
armed with
new-found swagger and
BB guns
who seldom
aim their way

an adolescent of the breed
puffed up-scruffy
uncomfortable in his skin
unsure in his grooming

and investing too much effort
in his awkward movements

fled without elegance
or economy when
challenged by a
smaller foe

and reminded me:

robins, too, have
an awkward stage