Thoughts on a Spring Morning

American Robin (Turdus Migratorius) resting on a large branch

So self assured
I thought

go about their
with intent and
like landed gentry

enter any environment
oblivious to the squabbling and
jostling of others

bathe at will and
oft-times in public

indulge in sex when and where
and with whomsoever

all with panache
and assumed acceptance

command universal love
even from
rough-haired youth
armed with
new-found swagger and
BB guns
who seldom
aim their way

an adolescent of the breed
puffed up-scruffy
uncomfortable in his skin
unsure in his grooming

and investing too much effort
in his awkward movements

fled without elegance
or economy when
challenged by a
smaller foe

and reminded me:

robins, too, have
an awkward stage

45 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Spring Morning

  1. I never thought of Robins having sex, but those beautifully colored eggs have to come from somewhere don’t they?
    Kidding aside, this was lovely and provocative!


  2. This is my first spring in 30 years that was heralded by robins! I could see them in the San Diego County Mountains, and I did, but it’s not the same as noticing spring’s first robin. This is a lovely poem! Thank you.


    • I never tire of robins, Martha, and you’re so right about the happiness they cause by showing up in the spring after a Colorado winter. Because of our unusually warm March, they showed up earlier than usual this year: thus, the adolescents.

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  3. When my daughter was a toddler, she actually believed she could catch a robin. It continued to “bob” out of reach until she realized she couldn’t get close enough to hold it. I still laugh about that day. Thank you!


    • I’m glad you liked the poem, Joni, and I, in turn, got a chuckle out of your comment, which reminded me that even 72 year old women have an awkward stage. If you saw my hair today, you’d agree that I’m in one.


  4. Remember I have a tie, for when you accept the Pulitzer Prize. Pure delight Janet- odd, I live on the harbor, rife with Gulls, Racoons, and Crows, yet perhaps it to was our warm March, the Dawn Chorus of Robinsong has been loud every morning. For awkward youth, give me the crow newly turfed, parents nearby, but oh the whinging. An elderly gent recently called 911, to report deer having intercourse in his back yard. Thanks, your poem made my evening..


    • A dawn chorus of robinsong sounds wonderful, and I enjoyed your description of adolescent crows. As for the elderly gent, whatever was he thinking — or not. Please feel free to wear your tie whenever the spirit moves you. It could go out of fashion waiting for my Pulitzer.

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  5. A charming description, and I agree robins have the confidence of “landed gentry. I’ve noticed at late dusk a robin is the last bird trill I hear, almost like telling the neighborhood birds to be still and rest…but that could just be my imagination?
    Will you treat us to another poem, please. It is National Poetry Month.

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    • If it is your imagination it’s a delightful imagining. I’d like to think it’s a robin, though. I can’t guarantee another poem this month, but I promise to be alert for a poetry-inspiring moment and, if one chances by, I’ll try to take advantage of it. You’ll recognize it: I’ll title it “For Mary.”

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  6. My friend Mike, (Lonewolf), who observes these things recently shared the Latin term for Robin- a bit chuckly -guffaw- you miss too much not getting up early, prefer to sleep in afternoon, cheers.


  7. Wonderful poem, Janet!

    I loved that last line. Isn’t it great to know there are moments we share with all living creatures?

    I’m so glad you took that poetry class—I’m looking forward to reading more of your creative efforts!


    • It is true, Rita, that in the moment I watched the actions of the adolescent robin I felt a kinship with it and all living creatures. I appreciate your recognition and sharing of that feeling.


  8. Awe, a poem! A fitting one at that, with wit beyond most, drawing me in to your rhythm and dance with your words. My favorite after the ending…”they command universal love…” That whole set is marvelous.
    I see Spring is kind to you, Janet. I love that you shared this gem.


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