12 thoughts on “Challenge: an animal in a concrete poem with enjambment

    • I like it that you understand the tenacity involved, and I think I’ve always had more tenacity than talent. You lied in your comment: it has both rhyme and sense. More importantly, it made me laugh as I gear up to try to answer today’s challenge.


  1. I LOVE this one. It made me smile! How in the world did you manage to format it? I would have expected it would have been much harder than the elegy. (I’m catching up on my reading…hanging out in bed, on my last day in Mexico.


  2. Oh, I hate hearing it’s your last day in Mexico. Does that mean you’ll take a blogging break until the next trip? If so, I’ll miss you. Formatting paramecium was quite a journey. I did it in Word, centered it, broke the lines to alter length, printed it, used a Sharpie to draw the cilia around it, made my husband photograph it, then loaded the photo onto the blog.Then I ate chocolate and took a nap.

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  3. I was wondering the same thing as Shelley—how on earth did your format your paramecium? After all that effort I’m happy to hear that you rewarded yourself with chocolate and a nap!

    Very ingenious, Janet!


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