Challenge: an acrostic with inner rhyme about trust

Eighth Grade Girls

Tell me; I won’t tell anyone. (Of course I will; it’s so much fun.)

Really, your story is safe with me.(And everyone in English III.)

Until you say so, I’ll not tell.(If you believe me, you’re crazy as hell.)

Secrets are my specialty. (I grade them for their novelty.)

Time to talk; you’ll feel better. (And I’ll remember every letter.)

My! You made-out with Bitsy’s Joe?(The one who’s pimpled and rather slow?)

Eew! What a terrible thing to do! (When I tell Bits; she’ll eradicate you.)


We Speak for the American People

C is cozy with lobbyist ploys;we get watches, trips, unbelievable toys.

O is on the everlasting take — we work hard and deserve a bigger piece of the cake.

N is nobody bends the rules better;it’s impossible to obey them to the letter.

G is greedy — we could lose next time so need to be speedy.

R is ready to open the door to donors, corporations, loopholes, and more.

E is eager to stop the other side’s win,then go on TV to smile and to spin.

S is seek no deals, offer only refusal; our re-election’s at stake, we must be brutal.

S is searching every day for riches and fun;we’re too busy to get anything done.



24 thoughts on “Challenge: an acrostic with inner rhyme about trust

  1. I am not sure if it was on purpose or not but writing poetry about 8th grade girls and politics go really well together 🙂
    Oh 8th grade…the worst of all years of schooling for me. I shuddered at your realistic conversation between “friends”. Great work, Janet!


  2. Thanks Janet- I will have go at one of these, to this day, such chatter crosses the Health Food store and gets convoluted on the warehouse steps- where it slams into our office lady with all the grace of the peanut-butter machine, eighth grade lives…great work, must be tired, read”The Nun who runs the class”..


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