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stressing out above computer

In a moment of irrational optimism, I endangered my sanity by registering for Writing 201: Poetry, a Blogging U class on WordPress.

Every day for two weeks, I will try to write and post a poem I’ve written to given prompts, forms, and devices.

Oh my.

If you’re in need of amusement or befuddlement, please drop by. Comments expressing sympathy would be nice as well.

Monday Feb. 16:
prompt word: water
form: haiku
device: simile

damp eyes and wet chins
in rest homes sodden and sour
junkyards for the old


34 thoughts on “My Poetry

    • It is rather depressing, isn’t it? Completely unlike the prose I usually write, but the minute I read the prompts, a vision of a nursing home where I used to visit my husband’s great aunt popped into my head. I’m glad you like it.

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      • I do. My dad was in a nursing home at the end of his life (MS — he was in his 40s). His life was vastly easier there, but there were a great many old people who were just kind of “shelved.” I understand it better now — maybe they were like me, kidless, and maybe they had outlived all their friends and family — and many of their abilities.


      • Oh, Martha, I agree; and so does my mother-in-law of 99. She is still living independently in the home she’s had for 69 years and praying, quite sincerely, that she dies before she has to go into adult care.

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  1. That’s really intense~ and well done!
    So here’s another online class you might like…The Iowa Writer’s actually put on MOOCs (Massive Online Open Classes). Their school of writing is the creme d le creme …I am clearly un-french…sign ups are now!
    Let me know if the link doesn’t work. It’s officially titled “How Writers Write Poetry.” Great for writers too who struggle with good alliteration and “sound” to their words 🙂


      • No…the humor is there, I think. I actually laughed out loud at the “junkyards” reference. I know, I am a little sick in the head maybe, or not as close to the junkyard yet. But, it was delightful to know you are on this journey and I am SURE your humor will make it’s way into many of these poems. Or not, that is fine with me. I love your words.


    • It feels risky to me too! I don’t write “formal” poetry…but it must mean something to me because I am trying to learn and the only way I know to learn is to throw myself in those uncomfortable seas and start swimming 🙂 Happy to know you are there too.


  2. Depressing? I did not get that.Greg Brown, poet Laureate of your Iowa is a huge poetic icon to me- describing a junked car “full of saplings and Sparrows” and growing old in poverty, “Bad teeth and a sour smell, lives where it can in a cheap hotel” He writes of his grandparents, growing old on the land, the love of extended family- which when that is lost, that wisdom is shelved to sit in dignity pants. I would hope we never end that way. You are a fine poet, Janet, hope you tackle some nonsense- my only Haiku was an entry in a pet contest- “Cactus As a Pet”, and a long ago naughty Haiku- two weeks of delight! cheers.


    • Bravery is not a strong component of my personality, so it must be masochism; or perhaps a decision to find out if I want to write poetry or not, get rid of my ambiguity, and get on with life.


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